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Charlotte Jewish Day School sets the standard for elementary education based on Jewish beliefs.

What are people saying?

0% Teachers holding advanced degrees
0% CJDS students outperform the national average on CTP4/ERB tests
0 Kosher lunches served each month
0 Languages spoken fluently by day school students and staff
0% Students who can read Hebrew by the end of 1st Grade

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What’s New?

Check out CJDS and our Taste of Kindergarten program for a quality TK or Kindergarten experience and elementary education. Rising TK and Kindergarteners are invited Nov. 12, for a special activity in the kindergarten classroom while parents have a short informational program. RSVP today 704-366-4558 #tasteofkindergarten #TK #kindergarten #cjds2021 ... See MoreSee Less
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Look at what parents are saying about their experience at Charlotte Jewish Day School- Small class size, innovative curriculum, education of the whole child, and challenging each child at their own level- Hear from our parents how CJDS can work for your family. Schedule your tour today. 704-366-4558 ... See MoreSee Less
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Take a peek at a typical day at school. Schedule your socially distanced tour today. Shabbat Shalom #cjds2021 #tk6school ... See MoreSee Less
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Thinking about an elementary school or are you making the transition to middle school? Charlotte Jewish Day School is growing to a TK-6 school next year. Schedule your private tour today. #smallclasses #individualizedattention #selcurriculum #cjds2021 ... See MoreSee Less
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This is what the third grade is working on in art class. The drawings of Amelia Earhart demonstrate texture, value and emphasis. The jellyfish are drawn with oil and chalk pastels on top of a painted color gradient. If you see a CJDS third grader, ask them to explain. #cjds2021 #elementaryschoolart #acceptingapplications ... See MoreSee Less
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