Tuition and Tuition Affordability

CJDS is committed to offering a quality Jewish education to every student who desires it


The Vitner Family Leadership Scholarship

Charlotte Jewish Day School is proud to announce the Vitner Family Scholarship to be awarded annually to one family entering the Charlotte Jewish Day School. This family would demonstrate a commitment to Jewish community and Jewish values through involvement, engagement and leadership in the Charlotte Jewish community. The Vitner Family Leadership Scholarship will recognize one family entering the Charlotte Jewish Day School to be recognized for their commitment to Jewish community and Jewish values through involvement, engagement and leadership in the Charlotte Jewish community. Recipients of this grant demonstrate an exceptional commitment to furthering Jewish life through volunteerism, educational opportunities, leadership initiatives and participation within the community. The Scholarship is a needs-blind reward for young parents who wish to give their children a quality education steeped in Jewish values, learning, and traditions and are deeply passionate about serving the Jewish community. For additional information and an application, please click here. Applications are due February 28, 2017.


Tuition for 2017-2018 (*2018-19 will be updated)

Kindergarten $10,887
1st Grade
2nd-5th Grades $15,237

Tuition includes all textbooks at all grades.

*Be sure to ask us about the Middle Income Affordability Grants

Tuition Affordability

We understand that quality education can be a costly endeavor. Providing a Jewish education for your children is a commitment we share as we understand the financial obligation you make when providing a strong foundation for your family. We recognize the challenge in having to make choices and want every family to feel that CJDS can be a viable option for their children.
Our philosophy of educating the whole child does not stop in the classroom. We take a holistic approach to affordability, taking into consideration the number of children in a family, the total number of family tuition years at CJDS, adjusted gross income and a variety of other factors.
The process is completely confidential. We use a third-party company in conjunction with guidelines established by the school, to work to make CJDS a realistic option for our families. If you want to talk about our approach to affordability email or call 704-944-6821. 
To get started, click on the link below:

FAST Financial Assistance


Registration Fee

A $100 non-refundable Registration fee should be submitted with the application. This will start the admission process.  Click here for admission forms.

Activity Fee

An additional Activity Fee of $500 provides for school field trips, t-shirt and yearbook. This is due upon enrollment.

Tuition Deposit

A $1500 non-refundable tuition deposit must accompany a signed contract to secure enrollment once a student has been accepted. This deposit is credited to the overall tuition.

Tuition Payment Plans

There are multiple tuition payment plans available; however a Tuition Insurance Plan is required at a nominal charge. This plan ensures a partial refund of remaining tuition in the event of a withdrawal. The Tuition Insurance Plan is not required if tuition is paid in full at the beginning of the school year. Click here FACTS for online enrollment of your payment plan.


Bus service is available each morning from the Stonecrest shopping center in Charlotte for $600 for the year. For information regarding schedules, call the office at 704-366-4558.


Kindergarten Precare is available from 7:30 am to 8:50am each morning

  • 5 days/week $140.00/month
  • 4 days/week $120.00/month
  • 3 days/week $96.00/month
  • 2 days/week $72.00/month
  • 1 day/week $40.00/month
  • As Needed $12.00/day

A pre-care program is also available to students in grades 1-5 from 7:30-7:50am, Monday – Friday. The annual fee for this program is $75 payable upon registration to the program.


A nutritious kosher lunch is available each day in the CJDS cafeteria. Daily lunch service for the year is $350. Students have the choice of a sandwich, salad bar or hot meal. Lunch is not provided on field trip days.


After School Programs

Study Hall: Study Hall is available each afternoon for students in first through fifth grade who are enrolled at CJDS. The annual registration fee is $700. Students will be able to work on homework with assistance of a CJDS staff member. Study hall takes place M-Th from 3:15 – 4 pm. Study Hall is offered as an option for those students who find it difficult to complete their homework at home. It is an opportunity to avoid a more stressful producing part of the day. The charge for study hall is: Annual: $700 ($5 per session daily) Drop in rate: $10 per study hall. 


Clubs: CJDS offers a variety of afterschool clubs which meet one day per week for each trimester. The class selection rotates so please check with the school office for specifics. Each session ends at 4:00 on a specific day. Some of the more popular classes are:

  • Cooking
  • Chess
  • Chorus
  • Yoga
  • Zumba
  • Strong Girls
  • Tehillim Club
  • Technology

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Admissions applications need to be complete to apply for an affordability grant? No. You can start your admissions application and your tuition affordability application at the same time. (Your admission application must be received by CJDS for the financial assistance application to be processed.) Upon acceptance of admission a letter of intent and a $500 tuition deposit is required. This application fee is refundable if you choose not to enroll due to financial reasons.


Do Families Need to Reapply for tuition affordability each year? Yes. Every family must submit a FAST application each year.


Are student fees, lunch programs, or bus service taken into consideration for affordability? Tuition affordability is used to cover tuition only. Student fees, study hall, lunch programs, and clubs must be paid for separately.