Tuition and Tuition Affordability


CJDS is committed to offering a quality Jewish education to every student who desires it


We understand that quality education can be a costly endeavor. Providing a Jewish education for your children is a commitment we share. We understand the financial obligation you make when providing a strong foundation for your family and recognize the challenge in having to make choices. We want every family to feel that CJDS can be a viable option for their children.

Our philosophy of educating the whole child does not stop in the classroom. We take a holistic approach to affordability, taking into consideration the number of children in a family, the total number of family tuition years at CJDS, adjusted gross income, and a variety of other factors.

CJDS serves students across a wide socioeconomic spectrum and is committed to making a Jewish elementary school education accessible to all admitted students, regardless of financial need. Charlotte Jewish Day School’s tuition is indexed to family income. In addition to adjusted gross income, we also consider the number of children in your family and the total number of family tuition years, as well as a variety of other factors. Tuition for the  school year ranges from $5000 to $16,504 per student.

Around half of CJDS families participate in one of our affordability programs. These programs (see list below) are designed to ensure that we are able to serve the greatest possible number of mission-appropriate students. Many families are surprised to realize that they qualify. CJDS will work with our families to determine the best program for each family.

The process is completely confidential. We use a third-party company in conjunction with guidelines established by the school, to make CJDS a realistic option for our families. If you want to talk about our approach to affordability, email or call 704.944.6821.

Tuition for 2019-2020

Kindergarten $11,751
1st Grade $14,505
2nd-5th Grades $16,090

Tuition includes all text books for each grade.

Four Ways to CJDS Affordability

The CJDS Scaled Tuition Program is available to new and existing families. The program offers predictable tuition, scaled to your family income, taking into consideration the total number of children, total number of tuition years, as well as tuition you pay to other Jewish institutions and colleges, or other special considerations. Families with an adjusted gross income between $175,000 and $350,000 and net assets under $500,000 (excluding primary residence and retirement accounts) may apply for this program.
This income scale applies during the student’s entire career at CJDS. Tuition is reset annually based only on family income and number of qualifying students. Adjusted gross income is determined via tax returns for the year immediately preceding the school year.
Eligibility Requirements
  • An admissions application must be submitted to CJDS for the incoming school year.
  • For new families, a complete copy of 2018 tax returns with all supporting schedules must be submitted by February 2, 2020.
  • To maintain eligibility, families will be asked to complete a new application and submit the first two pages of their current IRS 1040 tax return.
  • Affordability awards will be applied to the account balance after receipt and confirmation of the family income provided on the tax returns. If current tax year returns are not received by May 1, 2019, the contract obligation may revert to full-pay tuition.

The Scaled Tuition Program is a completely confidential process. Contact Gale Osborne for more information, or download the application and begin the process today.

CJDS Tuition Affordability Program and Application

Families who may require more assistance than offered in the Tuition Affordability Program can apply for Traditional Financial Assistance through FAST (Financial Assistance for Student Tuition). FAST uses a confidential third-party evaluation and recommendation for all awards. FAST’s recommendation, coupled with a confirmation of your past year’s income, expenses and family assets, allows CJDS to best determine your grant.

All families must submit copies of the prior years tax returns with all supporting schedules, W-2s, 1099’s and current pay stub by February 2, 2020

To begin the process, click here: CJDS FAST Application

The Charlotte Jewish Day School community is enriched by the active engagement of our communal leaders and their families. The Jewish Professional Discount Program is for students with one parent who is considered a full-time Jewish professional. Recipients receive a tuition discount of 30% per child per year. Families can apply to other programs if additional funds are needed.

Download the form below and submit it with your application.

Professional Discount Application

Charlotte Jewish Day School is proud to offer the Vitner Family Scholarship, which is awarded annually to one family entering CJDS. Families who receive this scholarship are deeply involved in serving the Jewish community through engagement and leadership. Recipients of this grant demonstrate exceptional commitment to the Jewish community, Jewish values, and furthering Jewish life through volunteerism, educational opportunities, and leadership initiatives. It is a needs-blind reward for parents who wish to give their children a quality education steeped in Jewish values, learning, and traditions. Applications are due February 28, 2020.

For additional information and an application, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. You can start your admissions application and your Scaled Tuition Program application at the same time. (Your admissions application must be received by CJDS for the financial assistance application to be processed.) Upon acceptance of admission, a letter of intent and a $500 tuition deposit is required. This application fee is refundable if you choose not to enroll due to financial reasons.

Yes. Every family must submit an application each year.

Scaled tuition is used to cover tuition only. Student fees, study hall, lunch programs, and clubs must be paid for separately.

The Scaled Tuition Program is a completely confidential process. A third-party institution is used to evaluate each application and there is no school committee that evaluates the applications. We also ask our families not to discuss any affordability grants as each determination is based on a family’s specific circumstances.

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