I have been wanting to send you an email since the end of the holidays, telling you about how wonderful our experience has been at CJDS. Every week my heart is so full when I hear from Meleah Grace what she is doing in school and how excited she is about EVERYTHING! Many mothers often question the decisions they make for their children, as far as the long-term¬†result … I am no exception. However, sending Meleah Grace to CJDS is the only decision I have not questioned. Every day, Meleah Grace says or does something that reinforces this being the right school for her, and therefore me.

Cherrie Pollard

Thank you for instilling so much knowledge and pride. It made our family holidays so much more enjoyable and meaningful.

Zeev Neuwirth

As usual, it was a pleasure to see what our kids have learned from you. In Israel, Abby felt so confident in her conversational Hebrew. She was our translator and felt so good whenever she was able to speak Hebrew. Unlike Jaime and I, she feels good about her accent and really strong in her communications. She is looking forward to another year of Hebrew with you and the CJDS Hebrew Club crew. Thanks again!

Elise Kosofsky

Having attended Charlotte Jewish Day School for seven years of my life, it’s clear that Judaism drives me from nearly every perspective. The Jewish Day School helped forge my beliefs and my values. It birthed the backbone of my Jewish identity.

Matthew Rabinowitz
CJDS Graduate
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