Andrea Gamlin


Although my Master’s degree and work background are in Employee and Labor Relations, I have had the great pleasure of teaching technology at CJDS for several years. Lucky for me, the technology instructor position became available just when the demands of traveling for work took a back seat to the love of parenting. I am so fortunate to have entered the IT world at its infancy in terms of global use. I’ve used pagers and word processors, “shleppable” cell phones and floppies, Bluetooth devices, laptops, iPads, iPhones and so many other devices. Software has become so user friendly, robust with features that I could have only dreamt of using a couple of years ago. It’s exciting to learn about how technology helps us and I’m thrilled to share my experiences with my students, teaching and learning from them! Learning about different tools to help students learn has been fantastic – in my class, some classes are teacher-led but we also use Choice Boards and I flip the classroom so that students research topics and teach each other!  My priority is encouraging my students to want to learn, to be curious and to find ways to put what they’ve learned into real life practice.

Finally, I’d like to thank my mom, a retired music and 5th grade teacher, who imbued me with the love of teaching, and my dad who gave me the love of always learning. Thanks to my husband, Dave, who always has a smile, a joke and great meals; and to our three amazing kids who regularly enjoy teaching me how to be better at everything, including using technology.