Our Mission in Action

CJDS sets the standard for elementary education…

We provide
  • A rigorous, up-to-date curriculum in a nurturing and stimulating environment
  • An exemplary foundation in mathematics, language arts, science, and social studies
  • Differentiated instruction and the ability to modify content, process, and product as needed, which benefits children who master tasks at different paces
  • Opportunities for our students to master the 21st century skills of critical thinking, adaptability, information literacy, creativity, team building, communication, technology, and flexibility through project based learning and makerspace initiatives
For the fifth year in a row, the average CJDS students’ ERB’s CTP IV scores outperformed those of national independent schools.


Traditional values of Judaism, Jewish thought, customs, and laws are taught in a way that emphasizes relevance and meaning in today’s world. Judaism is brought to life by teaching what we all have in common and allows each family to explore their own path.

Students are instilled with a love and appreciation for Judaism and a strong connection to Israel.

Students are taught Hebrew using the TaL AM whole language immersion program. Educational studies suggest additional benefits of early foreign language education:

  • Improves overall school performance and produces superior problem-solving skills
  • Enhances listening skills as a greater sensitivity to language builds
  • Helps students statistically outperform their peers in standardized verbal testing
  • Promotes creative development and awareness of cultural diversity

Students graduate from CJDS with a strong confidence and sense of pride in their Jewish identity.

Our fifth grade graduates are accepted at the middle schools of their choice and are academically and socially successful. Our graduates are well represented in honor societies and hold leadership positions in Jewish and secular organizations.

CJDS sets the standard for elementary education based on Jewish beliefs.

  • We are a community day school open to all Jewish children. Our mission is to provide a Jewish education to families of all levels of observance from unaffiliated to Orthodox.
  • We have a holistic affordability program that works with families to make it possible for them to attend CJDS.
  • We individualize instruction so that each child is met where he or she is, and can be offered more support or greater challenge. We boast small class sizes with an average instructional group ratio of 1:9.
  • Seventy-five percent of our general studies teachers have advanced degrees. Average teacher tenure is 12 years.
  • Resources, therapy, and tutoring are made available during the school day for the benefit of the child and parent.
  • Our families and staff represent broad economic, cultural, and religious diversity, and hail from Russia, Israel, Canada, Holland, India, England, and Australia.
  • All classrooms are equipped with SMART® Board Technology, desktop and laptop computers. Students have access to iPads and Chromebooks.
  • The CJDS school bus is available for morning pickup and students can easily transfer to the JCC for afterschool activities.
  • Our kosher dairy cafeteria enables all Jewish children to eat together and serves hot lunch, sandwiches, and salad.
  • We are located on the 54-acre Shalom Park Campus where students have access to JCC ball fields, gymnasiums, and tennis courts, as well as The Levine-Sklut Library and JCC auditoriums.
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