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Winding down…!

It’s hard to believe we’re beginning to wind down the school year! We have a countdown of days written on the board and the kids excitedly change the number each morning. As of today, we have only 22 more instructional days together in third grade. There is still a lot of work to get finished, so we’re not slowing down YET! ELA– Third graders are researching and writing persuasive five paragraph essays about chosen topics over the next two weeks. The ultimate goal is to present the essay to the class and convince the majority of the students to agree...

Almost April !?

Hello everyone! I can’t believe this is the last day of school that I’ll be writing ‘March’ on the board….April is just around the corner.  Next week, third grade will be prepping for the CTP5 test. We will be reviewing good test taking habits and strategies, and practicing with texts in class. The following week, April 8-12, your child will be taking the CTP5 test. This is a new version of the CTP4 test, which your child took last year. During these testing days, I ask that you please have your child get a good night’s sleep and a hearty,...

Purim week!

Hello parents, The kids are all excited to come to school tomorrow in their creative Purim costumes! Reminder- tomorrow is a noon dismissal and the kids do not need to bring a backpack. A wonderful spaghetti and meatball lunch will be provided to all! There is no homework tonight in honor of Purim. However, I still highly encourage you to have your child read for 30 minutes (daily). Next Monday, we will begin our new science unit on sound energy. The sound unit builds on the natural curiosity children have about the world around them and encourages them to investigate...

Classroom updates 1/22/19

Hello parents, I hope you’re all staying warm in this bitterly cold weather! I can’t wait until Spring….or at least consistent temperatures above 40! If you haven’t already heard the sad news, Minnie, the hamster, has passed. She was alive way longer than a typical hamster, so we were lucky. I’m shopping around to see what we’ll replace her with, and will let you know as soon as it’s decided! Additionally, our ghost shrimp have slowly dwindled….and this morning there were none left. Hopefully, our Beta fish, Bubbles, will sustain!  Third graders are working really hard on their ecosystems projects....

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a wonderful, relaxing and rejuvenating winter break! I’m looking forward to a full week with the kids so that we can get back in the swing of things. Here are a couple things to keep in mind: 1) Congratulations to the four students who completed the winter break reading challenge! (Liran, Gavi, Ayla and Samantha) I’m so proud of the extra effort put forth. I will also send home a spring break reading challenge for those who were unable to complete the winter challenge. 2) Congratulations to the 4 students who have...

Classroom updates 11/15/18

Hello parents! Can you believe it’s already Thanksgiving time? Hanukkah is just around the corner and the kids are buzzing with excitement! CJDS is holding a toy drive to collect new toys for children in need. The toys will be donated to JFS and will only be collected until Monday, November 26th. If you have the ability, please consider donating!  The ‘Turkey Tom’ projects came out beautifully! It’s always fun to see how differently each child decides to decorate their bird. This year, we had a rotten bowl of cereal, handyman, basketball, unicorn, artist and many more creative ideas! We...

Classroom updates 10/5/18

The school year is finally in full swing and kids have really mastered the routines in third grade! We’re looking forward to a full, 5-day week of school next week! Here’s a look at what we’re doing in the classroom:  Math Unit 1 in math was primarily a review unit on concepts and skills taught in 2nd grade. It was a sort of ‘refresher’ math unit. Unit 2 is focused on addition and subtraction of whole numbers.  The four main areas of focus will be reviewing fact families, solving “What’s my Rule?” problems, using diagrams to help solve number stories...

Chag Sameach!

Today on the walk back from our Kinetic Heights class at the pavilion, the kids got a chance to visit the beautiful sukkah in front of the J! It was so fun for them to be inside and point out the letters of the aleph bet. Check out Instagram for a few pictures. If you still have not logged into Instagram, I highly recommend you do so today! I post often and sometimes even do live videos, so you can watch what your child is doing in real time.  Third graders are highly engaged in the Junior Great Book stories....

Great start to Third Grade!

Hello parents, Third grade is off to a great start! So far, we’ve been working on routines, transitions and establishing expectations. The class, along with the whole school, is following the same 4 rules this year: Be safe, Be empathetic, Be responsible, and Be purposeful. I have been incorporating these four terms into my daily language and really trying to drive home how each rule can apply to various areas of the school- and generally, life! Yesterday, the kids met Coach Matt for PE and focused on dribbling in preparation for basketball games. Today, they met Corbin, their Kinetic Heights...

Different Eras

Hello parents, The kids looked adorable in their outfits today! Take a look at some of the eras being represented!       

Winding down

Can you believe we’re only down to  22 more school days?! With the end of the year approaching, please keep in mind your child will be taking final third grade assessments. Today, they took the STAR reading test, which is done completely on the computer. We will be doing CTP4 test prep next week along with some practice tests. It’s always helpful for the kids to know exactly what to expect beforehand so that when the real test is presented during the week of Mar 14th, they’ll feel comfortable and confident.  On a more enjoyable note, we released our butterflies...

Cupcakes and Model Seder

Third grade has been having lots of fun! Last week, Gabby Star was kind enough to come into our class and teach us a little lesson about starting your own business….and cupcake making! Each student was given a cupcake, bowl of icing and the choice of color for mixing into frosting. The kids got a chance to use the piping bag to decorate their cupcakes and then their favorite part- taste test! Thank you, Gabby!  Today, as I write this, your children are doing a model Seder! The kids are so cute and excited, and dressed up for the occasion....

Judaica News

שנה טובה

We had a fabulous last week of the year 5778 in Kitah Gimmel!! We learned about the significance of the name of the holiday, Rosh Hashana, the head of the year. Just like the head controls the rest of the limbs and organs in our body, so too the days of Rosh Hashana “control” (have a great impact) on the rest of the days of the year. In addition we learned 4 unique Tefillot (prayers) that are said when eating 4 special Rosh Hashana foods. To make it simple and pleasant to do, we prepared an amazing “Rosh Hashana take-out”...

Happy Pesach!

We’re excited and very well prepared to enjoy a fantastic Pesach! Cleaning up the Chametz from our desks, pencil boxes, cubbies, chairs etc! Decorating Kos Shel Eliyahu!   Look what we’ll be bringing home!

Our Model Seder!

Wow! What a grand Seder we had! Your children were dressed in their holiday best and it added so much to the Seder spirit. Of course the pillows were a very authentic addition! However, nothing was as special for me as watching your children participate and be engaged in every step. The 15 steps of the Seder were divided among the students and at the appropriate time they had their turn to lead that special step. Yes, Kitah Gimmel is well prepared to “lead” any Seder that they will be attending! Enjoy the pictures I managed to take! Shabbat Shalom!...

Chazak! Chazak!!!

As we finish the Second book of the Torah this Shabbat, we declare Chazak, Chazak!!! Let’s strengthen ourselves in our Torah learning! The third graders have been doing an awesome job of reviewing the 11 Parashot that make up the book of Shmot. We’re talking about reviewing many Torah personalities as well as 11 semalim (symbols) that represent concepts that connect the Parashot to our lives.  I am so proud of how much they have retained. We all agreed that receiving the “BIG TEN” was the greatest highlight of Shmot and so we celebrated by designing the luchot, each student...

Purim Sameach! Happy Purim!

Wow!!! It’s been a terrific few days getting ready for Purim and what a wonderful day we had today! Please enjoy the Mishloach Manot that your children are bringing home for you! Enjoy the pictures, I hope you get to see our excitement! Hamantashen! Yum! And some Challah! Can’t have Purim without Hamantaschen! Packing up! They’re complete! Enjoy!  

Israel Celebration!

As promised, here are some pictures of our celebration. Thank you Gale and Ms. Ribreau for taking these great shots. Singing and dancing  מי רוצה לטיל בארץ ישראל (Who wants to travel in Israel?) Talking about the cities we visited. Exploring together… Last but not least…..our special Israel treats! 

And We’re off!!!

Take off! This week in addition to all of the Chanukah festivities, in Kitah Gimmel we started our “Kef L’tayel B’Yisrael” (It’s fun to travel in Israel) unit, our virtual tour of Israel! We took off today on our El Al flight from Charlotte to “N’mal Teufah Ben Gurion” (Ben Gurion Airport) in Lod. Our classroom was transformed into a “Matos” (airplane), we each received a “Degel Yisrael (Israeli flag) and “sukariya” (lollypop) to prevent the ear popping drama! We also got to watch the “Seret Ha’btichot” (Security video) and we learned about David Ben Gurion, the first prime minister of...

Sukkot and Simchat Torah CJDS style!

What great fun was had by all celebrating Sukkot CJDS style!!! Eating treats and lunch in the CJDS Sukkah as well as in the beautiful Federation Sukkah Making the Bracha and then shaking the Lulav and Etrog set Creating our very own edible Sukkot with a twist! Did you know that it’s a Mitzvah to rejoice on Sukkot?! Well in order to help us rejoice even more than we already were, we were treated to a Sukkah hop field trip with Morah Sheina! Ask your child how much fun he/she had hopping from Sukkah to Sukkah and the activities we...

The Auspicious week between Rosh Hashana and Yom Hakippurim!

It’s been quite an intense week in Kitah Gimmel! Taking advantage of this auspicious time of the year, the students added quite a few Prayers to their usual Tefillah repertoire, added Tzedakah and discussed at great length that Tzedakah is more than sharing money. We brainstormed for “sharing Mitzvot”, here are some examples we came up: Treating siblings nicely even when we’re “not in the mood” calling a friend when they’re sick in bed sharing food by donating “stuff” to the Mitzvah Wagon visiting the elderly, i.e. the residents at Waltonwood Cotswold showing respect to our parents We also experienced...

Shana Tova!

We are so proud of our Rosh HaShana Take Out!  Enjoy the pictures! Shana Tova!

Shofar Blowing

Kitah Gimmel did a great job learning the different sounds of the Shofar and blasting those notes!!! A good time was had by all!  

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