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100 Days Smarter!

Happy 100th Day of School! Reading The students are working on identifying facts and opinions in what they read. They have learned that a fact can be proven and is hard to argue with, while an opinion usually contains an adjective or an adverb like best, most, too much, etc. They even created “Fact and Opinion Art” by choosing a fact (like the background is blue) and an opinion (like it feels happy!) We will continue to study this skill next week and work on identifying the main idea of different passages. Spelling English?! Why do you have so many...

January 31, 2020

Reading To be a strong reader, you must be able to decode words quickly and accurately, so practicing phonics skills is very important! The students completed a middle of the year phonics assessment and they have made so much growth! Recently, they have practiced reading different vowel patterns. They have studied the r-controlled vowels, like in the words car, enter, bird, born, and fur. They have also learned to read the “oys” like in the words boil and toy, and the “ows” like in the words cow and shout. Next up are the “aws” like in the words awkward and...

Happy 2020!

We are rocking 2020!! Reading This week, we have worked on reading comprehension passages and using the text to answer questions. Often, students think they can remember enough details from the story that they don’t have to check their answers, but we are working on always proving our answers with the text. This is an easy skill to practice at home by asking your child questions and having your child show you where the answer came from in his or her book. This week, the students also practiced reading r-controlled vowels, like in the words far, enter, third, corn, and...

Shabbat Shalom

Reading This week, the students have been thinking about who is telling their stories and the perspective of that character. For example, The True Story of the Three Little Pigs is told from the wolf’s point of view, so of course, he thinks he is innocent! The students had fabulous theater manners when we saw this play on Tuesday! Spelling This week the students studied words containing the long “u” or “ew” sound. We have been calling this phonics pattern the “yuckies” because all of the words say “ew!” This is a difficult pattern, with words like cruise, shoot, group,...

Happy Thanksgiving!

I look forward to speaking with you at our conferences! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Reading This week, we have been working on making inferences by using clues the author puts into his or her story and then adding in our background knowledge. For example, we inferred that Gabby, the babysitter in our chapter book, was kind and not easily frustrated because she handled the three-year old’s tantrum very gently! The writer did not directly tell us that Gabby was kind, we had to infer it using the text clues. We have learned many different phonics patterns this...

Happy Friday!

This was an awesome 5 DAY week! I have noticed that the students are growing more and more independent. In the classroom, I see each student completing his/her centers, reading stories, studying spelling words, and brainstorming new writing ideas all by themself! Reading This week, we continued looking for the author’s purpose for writing (to entertain, inform, show how-to, persuade, etc.) and identifying the main idea of what we were reading. Finding the main idea of a text can be a tricky skill for second graders because it asks them to think about big, general ideas, instead of focusing on...

Shabbat Shalom!

Reading and Vocabulary We began a new read-aloud chapter book this week, The Year of Billy Miller. In this story, Billy faces all of the normal highs and lows of a regular second-grade student and I expect to have some awesome discussions about the way he handles each challenge. Next week, the students are going to read various pieces of text and learn about the author’s purpose for writing (to entertain, inform, show how-to, persuade, etc.) The students will begin our vocabulary curriculum next week. Our first set of words are branch, brave, dash, evening, greedy, pass, present, stream, trail,...

Happy Almost Sukkot

Reading This week, the students are practicing writing summaries about stories they have read. The students learned that a summary should contain the most important information from the story. In second grade, the students focus on the characters, setting, plot, problem, and solution. As the students finish writing their summaries, they are recording themselves giving book reviews that include the most important parts along with their opinions and other interesting details. Once all the students have recorded their book reviews in their digital portfolios on an app called Seasaw, I will send you a link so you can see their...

Happy Rosh Hashanah

Wow! I can’t believe it’s 5780 already! 🙂 Reading The students are practicing three reading strategies we have learned about so far this year: visualizing what they read, asking questions as they read, and comparing and contrasting characters. Each day, we practice these skills as a class with our read-aloud chapter book. Then, the students have a chance to practice the skills while they read books on their reading level. These are skills that the students can practice while they are reading at home. To check their thinking, you can ask them questions like- What part of the story really...

Happy September!

Reading The students have begun their literacy centers! During this independent work time, the students rotate through activities that review previously taught concepts and have a chance to apply new strategies and skills. Reading centers will focus on phonics, reading fluency, vocabulary, comprehension, and there’s even some time to practice spelling words! This week, during centers, the students created goals for the year. Their goals will be on display at Curriculum Night (this Tuesday, September 17th, from 7:00 – 8:00 P.M.) After listening to many picture books, we began our first read aloud chapter book this week. Our first book,...

Welcome to Second Grade!

Welcome to the Second Grade! We are off to a fantastic start to second grade! Thank you so much for getting the students here on time, making sure they have everything they need and filling me in on the little things that make your child special. We greatly appreciate your support!  What’s Going on in Second Grade? The students are learning the rituals and routines of their different classrooms. For example: What should the classroom look and sound like during literacy centers? Where can the students sit? How do they get help? Etc. The students are doing an excellent job...

Reidsville Overnight Trip

We had an amazing trip to the Besty-Jeff Penn 4h Center! The students learned about predators and prey, hiked around the beaver pond, played team building games, watched the camp guides perform in a campfire show, roasted marshmallows, studied bugs and insects in a creek, observed artifacts from the Suara Native Americans who once lived in the area, and slept in cabins ! I was very proud of the students for taking risks and trying new things on our trip! Reading Next week, the students will focus on making inferences based on clues the author provides in the text. For example,...

Judaica News

OASIS Sukkot visit

Yesterday Kitah Bet got to visit with the seniors at OASIS. Everyone partnered up with one or two senior buddies and made a beautiful booklet about Sukkot and Simchat Torah. They each got to say the bracha on the Lulav and shake it. Then we went to the Sukkah and had a treat. Everyone really enjoyed the visit. The seniors had made little corn ears out of beads to give to the children as a decoration for their sukkah at home and as a memento of our visit.  As one of the students said: “Thank you for taking us to visit...

Chag Sameach!

Sukkot is just around the corner! In class we learned different rules about the sukkah. The children all knew about the walls and the schach that covers the sukkah. The sukkah is a special place, a mitzvah place and we treat it with respect. We say a special blessing when eating in the sukkah. Ask your child why we  have the mitzvah of sukkah. The other mitzvah of Sukkot is the shaking of the lulav. We say a special blessing for that as well.  Did you know it is a mitzvah on Sukkot to be happy? Next week Wednesday our...

Kitah Bet Update

What a great first week we’ve had! The children are already getting used to our routines and they are ready to learn! We have learned how to welcome people to our class in Hebrew, and discovered that even our virtual sister-class has new students this year! Everyone is happy that we started reviewing and learning the Hebrew script letters and they just can’t wait to add new parts to Tefillah. Mrs. Gamlin came in to show us how to use the Chromebooks to play (really work – Shhh) iTalAm so we are looking forward to starting that as well. Make...


Sukkot: There are three mitzvot on Sukkot: To sit in the sukkah. We say a bracha. To shake the Arba’a Minim (Lulav, Etrog, Hadasim and Aravot). We say a bracha. To be happy! A special project is coming home today, please check your child’s backpack! Shabbat Shalom and Chag Sameach!

Yom Kippur

In Kitah Bet we have learned all about Yom Kippur and the preparations for this holiest day of the year. We focused on the following concepts:   Aseret Yemei Teshuva: There are 10 days from Rosh Hashana to Yom Kippur. During these days we concentrate on Teshuva, Tefilla and Tzedaka.   Teshuva: we ask forgiveness from family and friends. Keyword: Slicha. Tefilla: We ask for a good year for everyone. In class we also sang Avinu Malkeinu during these special days. Tzedaka is more than putting money in the tzedaka box.  We do good deeds everywhere.   Yom Kippur: The...

Shana Tova

In class we have been getting ready for Rosh Hashanah. We focused on the following:   Getting ready for Rosh Hashanah: What do we prepare to get ready for Rosh Hashana and why? Apples in honey – for a year sweet as honey Shana Tova cards – we wish friends and family a good year Round Challot – for a good year all year long Machzor – because it has all the prayers for Rosh Hashana Pomegranate – the many seeds remind us of a year of many good deeds   All these things are important but most important is to...

Chagigat Siyum

Thank you all for coming to celebrate with us!                              

Eretz Yisrael

Have you ever heard a land tell its own history? Kitah Bet is! We are learning all about the history of Eretz Yisrael, from the beginning of time until now. The children will have a memento of what they learn in the timeline that they will create. Our centers in the classroom also revolved around Eretz Yisrael this week: the children wrote places on the map, did a difficult map puzzle, played Hebrew grammar games on the computer (shh, they think they are just earning points in a fun game!) and read a song about what it would be like...

Chag Pesach Kasher veSameach

We have been very busy preparing for Pesach. This week the children were very busy creating a mini book about getting rid of chametz. They took a lot of pride in this book and were really excited to bring it home.     We played a chametz / lo chametz game in class, it was very easy for Kitah Bet to know which foods are chametz and which ones we can eat on Pesach:   Did you know that Kitah Bet students make excellent cleaning helpers? They each cleaned their cubby, desk and chair till they were sparkling! And they...

Oasis game day

Today Kitah Bet had the honor of visiting Oasis! We sang Tu Bishvat songs and palyed lots of fun games. Enjoy the pictures!

Tu Bishvat

Today it is Tu Bishvat, the Rosh Hashana for trees. In Kitah Bet the students made flowers out of fruit roll ups!

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