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Never a Dull Moment in Kindergarten!

After four weeks of holiday celebrations, we are happy to report that we survived our first five day week in a long time. We didn’t even let Hurricane Michael keep us away! Here’s an update of what has been happening in our Kindergarten classroom: Language Arts: We continue to study the alphabet by learning the letters, their sounds, and how to write them. We have a poem for each letter which gives us the opportunity to talk about word families and rhyming. The children are adapting well to our literacy workshops which have been focusing on identifying beginning sounds, journal...

Kindergarten News!

We had a very busy week in Kindergarten. We received our beautiful new rug, got to know each other better, and had a great time at our Rosh Hashana celebration. We also found time to squeeze in some academics! We had more practice with the alphabet and have begun learning the sounds that go with the letters. The children have especially enjoyed our rhyming activities. We have completed the initial math assessments and will begin Unit I this week. In handwriting, we’ve learned the different types of lines and can demonstrate them with our bodies…ask your child to show you...

A Great Beginning

We are off to a great start in Kindergarten! We have been working on building a classroom community by making our class rules, voting on a name for our “class pet,” and learning about how we are the same and different. In Language Arts, we’ve been doing various alphabet activities. Our Math has been focused on making patterns and updating the calendar every day. However, the best part of all has been getting to know the children!!

May is here already!

Hello Families, I hope you are enjoying the warm weather!  Kindergarten has been immersed in learning all about the plant life cycle. We read the book Flowers for Zinnia, and then planted our own zinnia seeds. Some sprouts are already showing!  In writing workshop this week we are writing nonfiction informational stories about what is needed for a seed to become a plant. End of year assessments start this week in reading, and in math next week. I have included a picture of when we released our butterflies and also some pictures of kindergarten connection, when we decorated our playground...

Culmination Day!

Hello Families, I hope that you enjoyed kindergarten’s culmination day, they worked for months on their projects and were very excited to show them to you.  In other news, in reading and writing workshop we are finishing up an author study of Eric Carle and now the students are writing their own similar stories, such as The Very Competitive Giraffe and The Very Smart Cat.  We will begin our next unit in science, which is the plant life cycle, and yes, we will be growing plants in the classroom!  Pictures below of culmination day, enjoy!  Take care, Ms.Otte

Culmination Day is almost here!

Hello Families, Kindergarten has been working so hard on their career projects!  They  have researched the job they chose and then wrote out all the information to add to their boards. They have also chose pictures for their boards, drew illustrations and created props to go along with their presentations. On Friday if you are able to attend, please feel free to walk around the classroom and ask students questions such as, “Why do you think you would like this job?” or “What training is needed for this job?”   We look forward to seeing you this Friday at 2:15 and...

Community Helpers Continue!

Hello Families, Kindergarten has been fully immersed into our PBL unit on careers. We have had visits from a locksmith, the owner of a toy shop, a mathematician, a fitness expert, a baker, a lawyer, and today we had a visit from a police officer! We will wrap up our visits with a visit from a dentist on Monday. Then each student will choose a job to research for their presentation in April. Enjoy the pictures below and enjoy your weekend, as well!  Take care, Ms.Otte Police Officer

Dr.Seuss Week

Hello Families, We had such a wonderful week wrapping up our study of Dr.Seuss with the school wide Dr.Seuss week. We watched The Lorax and discussed how we can take care of the earth. Also, we did a lot of literacy linked Dr.Seuss activities, and math as well! This week we begin our new Project Based Learning unit, Careers. I hope that many of you will come in to the classroom to tell us about your jobs! After the visits, each kindergarten student will choose one job to study in depth. Below are a few pictures of Wacky Hat Day...

All About Seuss!

Hello Families, Hope you are enjoying this pretty day before the rain arrives! This week in kindergarten we started our Dr.Seuss study. All this month we will be reading Dr.Seuss books and later on will be learning about him with an author study. We also started our social studies unit focusing on where we are in the world. We created a book and talked about Charlotte, North Carolina, and the United States of America. Ask your child why we call Uptown, Uptown!  Today we had Kindergarten Connection and 5th grade visited our classroom and read books with us. Pictures are...

Field Trip Fun!

Hello Families, I have been working on completing reading and math assessments and will be sending home your child’s level along with the second set of sight words if needed. This week was packed full of learning all about birds, primarily birds of prey.  We read many fictional and nonfiction books about birds. On our field trip to the Carolina Raptor Center we were able to see these birds close up and learn about their rescue stories as well. Ms.Kate gave a demonstration all about owls and we got to touch a real owl tail and talon! We also made...


Hello Families, I hope you all enjoyed your snow days!! Kindergarten had a great time today!  W e learned all about how snowflakes are formed, and examined them with magnifying glasses. Then we wrote stories about our snow day adventures and did fine motor work spraying snow in the classroom. We also of course played in the snow, creating mini snowmen, snowballs, and even wrote words and math equations in the snow! Enjoy your weekend, it should  be warm enough to wear shorts on Sunday :).  Enjoy the pics of our day!  Take care, Ms.Otte

Penguins, Polar Bears and Wacky People!

Hello Families, This week in kindergarten was very busy! We had Wacky Wednesday and did lots of wacky things like walking backwards all day, and drew pictures under the tables, and even had silent recess! We have been reading and learning about polar animals and worked all week on a special penguin project. Pictures of wacky day and the penguins are below.  Sorry I missed of few of the wacky kinders! See you on Tuesday! : )  Take care, Ms.Otte

Judaica News

Happy Chanukah!

We had a wonderful day celebrating Chanukah and your children are coming home loaded with treasures.  Here is some of...

Shabbat Books!

Today is the first day your child will be bringing home a Judaica book from my classroom to read over...

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