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Friday, October 11

Good morning! We had a great assembly on Monday to prepare for Yom Kippur. I hope you had a chance to ask your student why we shined pennies! Make sure to check out Instagram for pictures if you haven’t already.  Remember that there is no school Monday and Tuesday (October 14-15) in observance of Sukkot. Next week we’ll have a very exciting 3-day week which will include lunch in the sukkah, helping preschoolers make “cookie sukkies”, and an awesome assembly with the whole school on Thursday afternoon. Students are VERY excited to be making sukkahs of their own with Morah...

Thursday, September 26

This week we read Prot & Krot in Junior Great Books. Students really enjoyed this Polish Folktale! We began art with Mrs. Lerner and have been working with compasses and many different colors to create some nice, creative pieces. Today students were introduced to Prodigy, which will be replacing First in Math this year. A letter was sent home with each child including information, usernames and passwords. Everyone seemed very excited about the new program and eager to play!  Tomorrow we will be participating in some awesome Rosh Hashanah activities in the afternoon. Make sure to ask your child about...

Friday, September 13

We’ve had another great week in 4th Grade! We read the story “The Gold Coin” and had a great shared inquiry discussion about the question “Why did Juan give back the gold coin?” Students were also working on filming a play in Judaica with Morah Yiska. Ask your child about it! 🙂 Today progress reports will be coming home. Be on the lookout for a black folder that contains the general studies progress report, Judaica progress report, and graded work. Please sign and return the progress reports ASAP and keep the graded work at home.  Upcoming important dates: Tuesday, September...

August 30, 2019

What a great first full week of school we’ve had! I hope that you’ve all been able to see the pictures that we’ve taken either on the website or on Instagram. This week we’ve been very busy getting to know our classroom and 4th grade rules and expectations. We also completed beginning of year assessments, and I know that students are thrilled that those are over!! Next week we’ll begin having some homework and all curriculum will begin. We have some great Junior Great Book Stories to read, some spelling to begin, and writing to get working on. I look...

Monday, June 3

Good morning! It’s hard to believe it’s the last week of school! Today students will be receiving yearbooks, which will no doubt be a huge hit! We are looking forward to a great field trip to Kinetic Heights on Wednesday. I’ll make sure to post pictures! 🙂 Barnes and Noble has a summer reading program. According to the Barnes and Noble website kids can “simply read a designated number of books – library books, books borrowed from friends or books bought at Barnes & Noble – write about their favorite part in our Reading Journal, and bring a completed Reading...

Friday, May 17

Good morning! Ask any 4th grader and they’ll be happy to share that there are 13 days of school left! However, we’ve still got plenty to do before the year ends!  Today students are finishing PBL projects about regions of the United States and will present next week. Ask your child about it! Looking ahead to next week: Progress Reports will be coming home Thursday we will celebrate Lag B’Omer with a day full of fun! Friday is a noon dismissal in honor of teacher appreciation It was a pleasure to have a beautiful Shabbat dinner as a class last...

Friday, April 12

Hello! What a week we’ve had! We have finished with our CTP5 testing and have had special programming each afternoon filled with different Pesach activities! Ask your child about what they’ve been participating in and don’t forget to check out the pictures that Gale has posted on Facebook.  Next week we’ll be finishing up The Secret Garden and watching the movie. I also hope to be able to listen to some of the songs from the Broadway play.  Progress Reports will be coming home next Thursday- please sign and return them after spring break. Spring Break begins Friday 4/19 and school...

Friday, March 29

Good morning! WE’RE BAAAACK! We had a more than amazing trip to Raleigh and I have no doubt that students shared so  much with you! We were able to do everything on our itinerary and even got home a bit earlier than we expected yesterday. The painting activity was a highlight for me. It really gave the students a chance to unwind after a long day of walking and touring- and they were so excited to keep their masterpieces! I hope you were able to see all of the pictures that were taken and posted to Instagram. 🙂 Next week...

Friday, February 15

This week started with Mrs. Dranove finding the missing 3rd grade hamster, Rosie, in our 4th grade classroom. Luckily it ended on a less exciting note! 😉 We read The Enchanted Sticks in Junior Great Books, learned 12 new vocabulary words, wrote stories about an enchanted object with a partner, practiced for Special Friend’s Day (NEXT FRIDAY!), and so much more….ask your child about it!  Starting the week of March 4, we will have a schedule change on Tuesdays and Fridays. Please check your email for an updated schedule.  Upcoming Dates: Monday, Feb. 18- No School Thursday, Feb. 21- Progress Reports...

Friday, February 1

Good morning! It was nice to see some of you at Joined in Education (JIE) on Wednesday night! I hope you enjoyed hearing Dr. Mogel as much as I did. Teachers attended workshops yesterday during the teacher workday, and we heard Dr. Mogel again. What a treat! If you see Gale anytime soon, please thank her for all of her amazing work with JIE! We have finished our Water Cycle Projects in PBL. We have presented them to each other, and today will present to some peers in other classes. We look forward to presenting to parents next Friday. An...

Friday, January 4

Welcome back and happy 2019! We’re still getting used to writing the new year on the top of our papers! 😉  On Monday we are going to have some special visitors, the acapella group called The Shabbatones. It will no doubt be an amazing experience!  Field Trips Update: Wednesday, February 27- we’re going to see a theatre company at Ovens Auditorium present Aesop’s Fables Wednesday, March 27-Thursday, March 28- Raleigh overnight field trip Other important January dates: Friday, January 18- 12:00 dismissal Monday, January 21- No School Wednesday, January 30- JIE evening event at Providence Day School- don’t forget to...

Friday, December 14

This week we read Beauty & The Beast in Junior Great Books. Students absolutely loved the story but were a bit disappointed with all of the liberties Disney took with it when they made the animated movie! Ask them about it! We are learning about water in PBL, finishing up unit 4 (decimals) in math, and working on sentence fluency in writing.  Next week is a 3 day week and the students are excited! We’ll also have a visitor from the City of Charlotte next week to present to us about water pollution.  There have been many students coming in without completed homework,...

Judaica News

Sukkot is in the air!

As a quick review of the mitzvot of Sukkot, we played a game in class to see who could come up with as many Sukkot related words as possible in ONE MINUTE! The students showed that they know all about the three special Sukkot mitzvot: Sitting in the sukkah Shaking the lulav Being happy In Kitah Dalet we learned the laws of what makes a sukkah kosher.  Now every student will show that they understand the rules by creating their own sukkah, following a rubrik. They are all very excited about the project and judging by the diverse materials they...

Kitah Dalet Update

We have had a great first week in Kitah Dalet!  Being that we say Tefillah every morning, we made sure we remember what Tefillah should look, sound and feel like. We also played some review games to make sure everyone remembers what each Tefillah is about. No worries there – everyone did great! We spent a few days working with partners to create a poster of what Tefillah is all about. These kids are so creative! Make sure to follow us on Instagram so you don’t miss out on our frequent postings! Shabbat Shalom!

Yom Kippur

In Kitah Dalet the students each made a Yom Kippur guide, based on the following information:   Eat! On the afternoon before Yom Kippur, we eat a festive meal. There is a beautiful custom to request and receive a piece of honey cake, so that if, G‑d forbid, it was decreed that we need be recipients, it be fulfilled by requesting honey cake and being blessed with a sweet year   Light Candles Girls and their mothers light candles. These are the brachot: ברוך אתה ה’ א-לקינו מלך העולם, אשר קדשנו במצותיו וצונו להדליק נר של יום הכפורים Baruch Atta Ado-nai E-lo-hei-nu...

Shana Tova

Kitah Dalet has done a lot of experiments and activities in class to learn some deep concepts about Rosh Hashanah. They are bringing home their work to share with you. The following are some prompts to help you review the concepts with your fourth grader: Rosh Hashanah What does Rosh Hashanah mean? The Head of the Year. Just like the head controls the body, Rosh Hashana controls the days of the year   Yom HaDin Rosh Hashanah is also called Yom HaDin, Day of Judgement. On Rosh Hashana Hashem decides what kind of year we will have. Why specifically on...

Final Shabbat Projects

With our Shabbaton coming up on May 11, we are working on our final research projects about Shabbat.  The students wrote questions and facts about each of the topics. They chose which one of the topics they wanted to research and were divided into groups accordingly. Now each group is researching the answers to all the questions on their topic. In the process they are realizing that some questions are repeated a lot and some questions may not really be questions after all. As they research they may be coming up with additional questions. After all their research they will...

Pesach Expert Projects

The mitzvah on Pesach is Vehigadeta Levincha – to teach the children. Being that there is so much to learn, the students were divided into 5 groups. Each group became an expert in one aspect of Pesach. They then taught the other students what they learned. Below is a synopsis:   Calendar Comandos Leah, Nechemya and Noga gave us an overview of all the important days related to Pesach. They made a large calendar poster and gave out smaller copies to each student. They made an adorable 3D version of the splitting of the Yam Suf which took place on...

Model Seder Kitah Dalet

Our class enjoyed a model seder this past Thursday. We started with candle lighting and ended at Nirtza, the 15th step of the Seder. Thank you Ms. Schultz for these wonderful pictures, they captured the fun and excitement as well as the seriousness with which the students participated. [su_slider source=”media: 20071,20184,20183,20182,20181,20180,20179,20178,20177,20176,20175,20174,20173,20172,20171,20170,20169,20168,20167,20166,20165,20164,20163,20162,20161,20160,20159,20158,20157,20156,20155,20154,20153,20152,20151,20150,20149,20148,20147,20146,20145,20144,20143,20142,20141,20140,20139,20138,20137,20136,20135,20134,20133,20132,20131,20130,20129,20128,20127,20126,20125,20124,20123,20122,20121,20120,20119,20118,20117,20116,20115,20114,20113,20112,20111,20110,20109,20108,20107,20106,20105,20104,20103,20102,20101,20100,20099,20098,20097,20096,20095,20094,20093,20092,20091,20090,20089,20088,20087,20086,20085,20084,20083,20082,20081,20080,20079,20078,20077,20076,20075,20074,20073,20072,20184,20183,20182,20181,20180,20179,20178,20177,20176,20175,20174,20173,20172,20171,20170,20169,20168,20167,20166,20165,20164,20163,20162,20161,20160,20159,20158,20157,20156,20155,20154,20153,20152,20151,20150,20149,20148,20147,20146,20145,20144,20143,20142,20141,20140,20139,20138,20137,20136,20135,20134,20133,20132,20131,20130,20129,20128,20127,20126,20125,20124,20123,20122,20121,20120,20119,20118,20117,20116,20115,20114,20113,20112,20111,20110,20109,20108,20107,20106,20105,20104,20103,20102,20101,20100,20099,20098,20097,20096,20095,20094,20093,20092,20091,20090,20089,20088,20087,20086,20085,20084,20083,20082,20081,20080,20079,20078,20077,20076,20075,20074,20073,20072,20071″ limit=”92″ width=”380″ height=”260″ title=”no” pages=”no” class=”float_right”]

Tu Bishvat

Today is Tu Bishvat, the Rosh Hashana for trees. Why are we celebrating this day? Because the Torah compares people to a tree. We can learn many lessons from a tree: Just as a tree always grows, we should always continue to become better people. Trees provide oxygen, shade, fruit, and much more. We should also spread goodness and kindness to others.  Mitzvot are compared to fruits. Just like a tree gives fruit, we should perform mitzvot. The stronger the roots, the bigger and stronger the tree can grow. Jewish children need a strong Jewish education to become proud Jews....

Kitah Dalet Update

In Kitah Dalet we are studying Lecha Dodi, the song we sing on Friday night to welcome Shabbat.  We learn about different communities around the world and listen to a tune to Lecha Dodi that is used in each place. There is so much interesting information coming our way, that we end up discussing each place longer than we planned. The children are making fantastic connections to other things they have learned over the years and they see how everything is interconnected. For example: today we visited The Great Shul of Baghdad. We made connections to the Euphrates and Tigris...

Chanukah research

In honor of Chanukah each student was assigned a different topic to research. Everyone has become more knowledgeable in their specific topic. They are now writing up what they learned to share with each other as well as with their parents.  Some of the topics include: Is Chanukah in the Torah? What was the miracle of the oil really about? Why do we eat foods fried in oil? Where, when and how do we light the Chanukia? Is there any deeper significance to the dreidel game? All this and more will be coming your way in the beginning of next...

Shabbat Candles presentations

The students spent the week working hard on their research projects. We are looking forward to seeing the fruits of their labor on Monday! The tzedaka boxes have been grouted and painted. They look amazing! Thank you to our fantastic Mrs. Donna Lerner!

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