First Grade

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Judaica News

Chatima Tova to all

Kitah Aleph has learned about how correcting our mistakes of last year can start us off on the right foot...

Shana Tova

Shana Tova is a way that we greet each other, bless each other, and pray for everyone to have a...

What a week!

Was it just last Thursday that we had our Model Seder in the whole school??  I hope you caught some...

Dreaming in Kitah Aleph

In Kitah Aleph we have been learning about dreams for the past few weeks.  This week we learned about Ya’akov’s...

Photo Gallery

First Grade Students

Yoni Berendt

Jacob David

Noah David

Isaac Duller

Baylee Fox

Jacob Fox

Noa Giudice

Liraz Lasri

Benjamin Mathless

Lincoln Muns

Juliana Nussbaum

Kilani Rose

Bayla Rosen

Noah Ross

Imri Rotchild

Ariella Russell

Kinsey Ulrich

Levi Vorst

Taliya Waizman

Leilah Yaquian



Classroom Documents

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