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Hello Everyone! We are off to a great start in first grade this year and I am absolutely loving my time with these little ones. We have adjusted well to the routines and procedure of first grade at CJDS. We’ve been diving into reading, writing, math, sight words, art, team building, handwriting, and much more! We are always busy and continuously having fun! If you have not yet signed up for Instagram, please consider doing so. There is so much to see there and I am constantly posting pictures and videos of our days at school. If you have not...

Back to School!

We had a great two day start! Learning the routines, transitions, procedures, rules, etc. can be exhausting but these kids have nailed it. They are making us so proud and excited for the year. We did some abstract art with Mrs. Lerner today and will continue with it tomorrow. We practiced using the library respectfully and practiced putting books back where they came from. Next week we will begin our beginning of year assessments and your child will learn his/her reading level soon. I will keep you posted on any new information about homework and sight words. Have a wonderful...

Winter Break is here!

Hello Everyone!! ¬†I hope you’re having a wonderful Hannukah Holiday! We’ve been doing a lot of fun Hannukah related activities and reading a lot of Hannukah Books. The children love this holiday and really get into the assemblies. I hope you’ve been enjoying the Instagram page as well. I try to post on there as often as possible so you can get a quick snapshot of something we are doing each day. If you haven’t visited the page yet, please sign up for Instagram and search (Ms.Jadyn). You should be able to find my teacher page. ūüôā In reading we’ve...

November 6-10

This week in Reading Workshop we focused our learning on sequencing of events and also our fluency while reading. Some students tend to read so fast that they can barely be understood. Kids are still learning that if they are reading out loud then that means they usually will have an “audience”. Someone else is listening to them and it is important that they speak loud enough, slow enough and clear enough that their audience can understand them. Every year I give two examples of “not good” reading. I will read very robotic and say “you..don’t…talk…like…a…robot…so…it…is…important…that…you…don’t…read…like…one”. They usually get a...


Hello Parents, I’m sorry it’s been a while since I’ve written. I promise to get better at updating you on what your child is doing all day at CJDS! First of all, I want to give a big HIGH FIVE to those who were brave enough to run for Student Council. It can be scary putting yourself out there. It’s a very vulnerable feeling but we had 7 friends brave enough to try! Congratulations to Avi and Israel! They were are our top two candidates for Student Council!¬† Don’t forget the book fair starts next week! There is a family...

The High Holidays are among us!

I can’t believe it is almost October!! Where has this month gone??? I have been having so much fun with my new little crew. ūüôā¬† They are a fun little bunch and adorably cute and sweet. In math we’ve been learning about even and odd numbers, practicing speed drills, reviewing time to the hour and half hour, counting nickels and dimes and learning how to collect data and graph it! In PBL we have been learning about families needs and wants. The kids impressed me so much with this lesson because even though some things are technically “wants” they were...

Welcome First Grade! 2017-2018

Wow…I can’t believe we’ve already been in school for 8 whole days! They have flown by and we have learned so much. Getting back into the “swing” of school can be challenging for all…even me! Waking up early, following our routines and schedules can take a little getting used to. BUT we are making great progress and getting better adjusted every day. We have started our beginning of year assessments and the kids are being so great about it! Testing is not fun for anyone but they are handing it like champs. ūüôā We’ve had a chance to work in...

Paper Airplane Challenge

So we finally had our first STEM challenge completion today. It was so much fun for me to watch the kids work together. Some kids had experience with paper airplanes and some had never made a paper airplanes before. This is how the project went: First, the children practiced making different types of paper airplanes. Then I separated them into teams of 2 or 3. They worked together to come up with a team name. There were four rounds to the challenge. Before we began the challenge they had an opportunity to make as many airplanes as they could in...

Class Plays and A Butterfly Grows

The plays were such a success!! Thank you to everyone for all of your help with rehearsing the lines. It was a big help. ūüôā¬† This week in Reading Workshop we learned about the life cycle of a butterfly. The story was a narrative non-fiction story which means it gives facts about a topic but has make-believe parts. The children worked in writing workshop and did some creative writing of their own. They wrote narrative non-fiction stories about the butterfly’s life cycle. The stories turned out really cute and will be on display on our hallway bulletin board by early...

February 27-March 3

We had such a busy February I can’t believe how quickly it flew by! We’ve had quite a number of field trips this month which were a lot of fun. In reading we’ve been learning about visualizing, summarizing and author’s purpose. Sometimes it can be hard for the little ones to grasp the purpose of a story. Many times they think the purpose is based off of how they felt about the ¬†story. So for example, if the story was a non-fiction piece about animals and their needs, some students might think the author’s purpose was to “make the reader...

We’ve reached 100 days in school!

What a busy and fun week we’ve had!! On Monday we celebrated the 100th day of school! Many of us dressed up as if we were 100 years old. I used an app called Age Booth to take pictures of the kids. The app transforms their faces and adds wrinkles and grey hair. They definitely look good for being “100 years old”. We didn’t different activities such as building structures using 100 Legos, estimated how many different exercises we could do in 100 seconds, visited kindergarten and read them our “Words of Wisdom” and wrote about what we would be...

Back for the New Year

Hello Everyone! I’m sorry I am late on posting. Getting back into the swing of school was a little more hectic than I thought. ūüôā We have been very busy finishing up our Mid-Year assessments and starting our new unit in Journeys, Unit 4. The students have read about traveling to the moon. They learned about what the moon’s surface is like, what people did on the moon when they traveled there and how they got to the ¬†moon. This topic was very popular and created a lot of chatter between the students. I love when we learn about topics...

Judaica News

The stars in Kitah Aleph

Shalom Kitah Aleph families, Two weeks ago we learned about Avraham, the first Jewish person and how he and his...

Shalom Kitah Aleph families

Please enjoy this preview for tomorrow night.  The film features your children learning to set the table for Shabbat. See...

Chagigat Siddur 2019

  Thanks so much for joining us for the Siddur party.¬† Here are the videos that I promised to share.¬†...

Happy Pesach everyone.

Today I filmed the students singing and signing ‘mah nishtana”.¬† Enjoy Shabbat Shalom and I wish for everyone a restful,...

Happy Purim!

Here are the videos from our party that I promised to share with all of you.  And one new video...

Dream project by Kitah Aleph

The students in Kitah Aleph have spent the last month exploring the idea of dreams.  We learned about the psychology...

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