Tuition and Optional Fees

Annual fees associated with enrollment:

  • A $100 non-refundable registration fee should be submitted with the application. This will start the admission process. Click here for admission forms.
  • An activity fee of $500 provides for all school curriculum, school supplies, school field trips, T-shirt, and yearbook. This is due upon enrollment.
  • Tuition Refund Plan is available at a nominal charge. This plan ensures a partial refund of remaining tuition in the event of a withdrawal and is required unless the total tuition is paid by August 1 prior to the first day of school. click here for The Tuition Refund Plan.
  • A $1500 non-refundable tuition deposit must accompany a signed contract to secure enrollment once a student has been accepted. This deposit is credited to the overall tuition.
  • There are multiple tuition payment plans available. Tuition can be paid in full at the beginning of the school year, in three payments throughout the school year, or in ten monthly payments. Click here FACTS for online enrollment of your payment plan.

Kindergarten pre-care is available from 7:30-8:50 a.m. each morning.

  • 5 days/week $140/month
  • 4 days/week $120/month
  • 3 days/week $96/month
  • 2 days/week $72/month
  • 1 day/week $40/month
  • As needed $12/day

A pre-care program is also available to students in grades 1-5 from 7:30-7:50 a.m., Monday – Friday. The annual fee for this program is $75 payable upon registration to the program.

Study Hall: Study Hall is available each afternoon for students in grades 2-5 who are enrolled at CJDS. The annual registration fee is $700. Students will be able to work on homework with assistance from a CJDS staff member. Study Hall takes place Monday – Thursday from 3:15-4:00 p.m. Study Hall is offered as an option for those students who find it difficult to complete their homework at home – an opportunity to avoid a more stressful part of the day.

Study Hall fees:

  • Annual: $700 ($5 per session)
  • Drop-in rate: $10 per session

Afterschool Clubs: There are a variety of afterschool clubs available. The club selection changes each trimester, with a few clubs being offered as a full-year program. These are priced accordingly. You can find the most current club selection at Afterschool Clubs.

For families needing care beyond 4:00 p.m., J-Team Programming from the Levine Jewish Community Center is available until 6:00 p.m. Students will be transferred after the school activity ends at 4:00 to J-Team. Find out additional information on J-Team.

Bus service is available each morning from the StoneCrest shopping center in Charlotte for $600 for the year. For information regarding schedules, call the office at 704.366.4558. Sibling discounts are available.

A nutritious kosher lunch is available each day in the CJDS cafeteria. Daily lunch service for the year is $500. Students have the choice of a sandwich, salad bar, or hot meal. Lunch is not provided on field trip days.

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